Inter Lock System

Special Ro-Ma process create firm lock shoe on rim in both axes on our polyurethane/aluminum wheels.

The wheels manufactured with the INTER LOCK SYSTEM:

Provide superior tread bonding to wheel core;
Offer maximum strength and stability;
Have the tread locked into the core radially and laterally to prevent separation;
Can withstand rigorous and abusive use and still maintain their tread;
Offer more resistance than where the glue is inefficient;

Are for use on material handling equipment;
Are the best guarantee for satisfaction.

The INTER LOCK SYSTEM is available on;

Polyurethane / aluminium wheel (PA)

The following wheels are available using a mechanical system which has the tread locked into the core laterally.

Polyurethane / polypropylene wheel - Sanimax (SX)
Thermoplastic rubber / polypropylene wheel - Sanisoft (SF)
Polyurethane / polythylene wheel - Sanikart (SK)

Other wheels can be manufactured to your specifications.

* Patent Nos. Canada 959742, United States 3843203, England 1370998, France 2209672

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